Sunday 25 Jun 2017
Important Dates: Submission Deadline, March 16th, 2016
Early Registration Deadline, April 30th, 2016



The rapidly growing fields of Plasmonics and Nano-Optics are opening new frontiers in nanoscience and advanced technologies via novel cross-disciplinary research activities. This symposium will be dedicated to discuss the most recent developments of Plasmonics and Nanophotonics in the fields of Electromagnetic Materials, Metamaterials, Biological Matter and Biomedical Nanotechnology. The world-renowned venue of the conference will facilitate contacts and scientific discussions between participants, with the goal to enhance the interaction between attendees and create a vibrant intellectual event.

Invited Speakers



  • N. Engheta (USA)

  • M. Wegener (Germany)
  • C. M. Soukoulis (USA)

  • A. Badolato (USA)

  • P. Barois (France)

  • F. De Angelis (Italy)

  • N. Steinmetz (USA)

  • O. M. Marago’ (Italy)

  • F. Capolino (USA)

  • R. Bachelot (France)
  • U. A. Gurkan (USA)

  • A. Boltasseva (USA)

  • F. Bilotti (Italy)

  • V. M. Shalaev (USA)
  • Z. Jacob (Canada)

  • N. I. Zheludev (UK & Singapore)

  • G. Gigli (Italy)

  • S. Vignolini (UK)

  • S. Maier (UK)

  • G. Caracciolo (Italy)

  • O. Tillement (France)

  • M. Park (USA)

  • F. Capasso (USA)

  • B. Palpant (France)
  • R. Sapienza (UK)

  • Physics of Electromagnetic Materials
  • Plasmonic Metamaterials

  • Nanophotonics

  • Thermo-plasmonics
  • Quantum Metamaterials

  • Optical Metamaterials

  • Nanochemistry and Nanofabrication

  • Biomedical Nanotechnology

  • Plasmonics and Theranostics

  • Super-resolution and Near-field Imaging

  • Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopies

  • Bio-imaging and Bio-sensing

  • Nanomedicine

NanoPlasm 2016 will be held in the "Grand Hotel San Michele" ( Cetraro -ITALY. JUNE 13-17 2016.

Grand Hotel San Michele is located high on a 120 m cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. On a clear day you may see the Eolian islands. The hotel possesses modern meeting facilities, a private Mediterranean beach for swimming and outdoor dining, golf course, vineyard and cellar, swimming pool, tennis court, bars and restaurants with complete meal services.





Conference Chairmen

  • G. STRANGI (Case Western Reserve University - USA)
  • R. BARTOLINO (Centro Linceo dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and UNICAL-Italy)
  • A. De LUCA (UNICAL- Italy)

Scientific Advising Committee

Local Organizing Committee

  • R. Advincula (CWRU, USA)
  • R. Bartolino (CLANL and UNICAL, Italy)
  • P. Barois  (CRPP France)
  • M. Inguscio (UNIFI/CNR - ITALY)
  • F. Bilotti (UNIROMA 3 - ITALY)
  • F. Capolino (UCI, USA)
  • M. W. Park (CCF, USA)
  • G. Strangi (CWRU, USA) 
  • C. Umeton (UNICAL, Italy)
  • A. De Luca (Unical, Italy)
  • V. Caligiuri (Unical, Italy)
  • L. Pezzi (Unical, Italy)
  • G. Palermo (Unical, Italy)
  • M. La Deda (Unical - Italy)
  • R. Termine (CNR-Nanotec, Italy)
  • L. Ricciardi (CNR-Nanotec, Italy)